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Friday, September 25, 2009

NGOs voice their IT Challenges at ConnectIT Day

90 NGO representatives from different parts of Maharashtra attended NASSCOM Foundation’s ConnectIT Day on Sep 16 in Mumbai. It was great to see many participants from outisde Mumbai.

Dhaval Udani, GiveIndia’s CIO, Ms Annabel Mehta Treasurer of Apnalaya and Ms Mrinalini Kher, Director, KSWA were among the NGO panellists. The speakers and NGO leaders present in the auditorium argued if and how IT could really address challenges faced by NGOs. While Mr Jerry Rao, Chairman, NASSCOM Foundation wore multiple hats (IT industry leader/NGO leader/Philanthropist) as he moderated the discussions, Mr Sunil Soni, Principal Secretary, Planning Dept., Govt of Maharashtra, urged NGOs to visit government websites and raise questions or at least provide some feedback. Some NGO leaders wondered whether computerisation & IT training would make programme staff at NGOs spend more time in the office than be amongst the community! Speakers made NGOs aware of various resources available to them: NASSCOM Foundation’s ( BiG Tech and BiG Bridge programmes, TCS’ Adult Literacy programmes, use of free social media, etc. Rufina Fernandes, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation urged NGOs to register with NASSCOM Foundation to avail of its several programmes for hardware & software support as well as IT skilled volunteers.

NASSCOM Foundation will be organising 4-day hands-on IT training workshops for NGOs in Pune, Nagpur & Sangli between Nov 2009 & Jan 2010. Similar workshops are also being planned for Rajasthan and Orissa. Participation is free. If interested, please write to GuideStar India, the Outreach Partner for these workshops at

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  1. we have particepated in IT connect progrrame at nagpur.the workshop was so benificial for us.

    our organization name is
    swami vivekanand rural development society hinganghat dt-wardha maharashtra