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Saturday, January 23, 2010

235 NGO participants know to use IT effectively in their work

With the completion of the Mumbai workshop on Jan 21, the ConnectIT series of 6 workshops for Maharashtra concluded. 235 participants from 157 NGOs attended IT training workshops organised by NASSCOM Foundation under the ConnectIT series. NGOs took advantage of these 4-day training workshops held in Pune, Nagpur, Sangli and Mumbai between Nov 2009 and Jan 2010. In the workshops held in a lab format, participants picked tips and tricks to use MS Office more effectively in their day to day operations. Sessions on the use of social media, moviemaking and presentations were a favourite with NGOs. GuideStar India reached out to more than 1700 NGOs across Maharashtra inviting them to take advantage of the free IT training workshops.

The next set of 6 workshops will be held in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur from mid March onwards. The last set of 6 workshops in the series will be held in Orissa in 2010-11. NGOs are encouraged to register with GuideStar India for these workshops and take advantage of the IT training. For registrations, send an email to Do watch this space for more specific announcements regarding workshop dates.

We thank and Firstsource for helping us reach out to NGOs.

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