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Friday, July 4, 2014

How to raise friends & funds for your cause thru the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon? Sign up for the NGO Meet in Delhi on 17 July

It is our pleasure to invite you, on behalf of India Cares, to a meeting on 17 July in Delhi, which will cover mechanisms of communicating your cause and fundraising using the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) as a platform. India Cares has taken on the mantle as Charity Partner of ADHM.

About the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM): Promoted by Procam International, the Event sees over 30,000 participants join in the various race categories. Some of the fastest half marathoners on this planet race at the ADHM. It is also believed to be the largest single fundraising opportunity for NGOs in north India. Since its inaugural year, Rs 22 crore has been raised by the participating organizations; last year, Rs. 4.15 crore was raised. At this 7th edition of the ADHM there will be many new features and opportunities to raise awareness and funds.

About India Cares: India Cares Foundation has joined hands with Procam International to take on the mantle as ADHM’s new official Charity Partner. India Cares is the new expanded avatar of Bangalore Cares. Bangalore Cares has been the Charity Partner of the TCS World 10K Bangalore since its inception. This event which is also promoted by Procam International, is organised to the same international standards as the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. India Cares will very soon open an office in Delhi, from which it will support NGOs, in the first instance through the ADHM. The India Cares team has announced that after the event it will develop its programme of year round support to NGOs especially in resource mobilisation from individuals and companies, and through increasing accountability. GuideStar India provides NGO outreach support to India Cares.

We have worked with the people behind India Cares, Murray Culshaw is Chairperson; Meena Dave is CEO.  NGOs find their team to be very encouraging and supportive. 
About the 17 July programme: There will two meetings to share information and fundraising ideas. Each organisation should attend any one that is appropriate to you.

1)     From 10.30 am to 12.30 pm for NGOs who have participated in the ADHM in the past three years  you will learn of the new ideas being introduced to help you do better.
2)     From 2.30 to 4.30 pm for NGOs who have not previously participated in ADHM, but are wondering whether or not to. You will learn how to make the best use of the platform.

What are the benefits for the participant/ your organization: The ADHM can play an important part in an NGO’s annual fundraising strategy. For ‘small’ and ‘medium’ size NGOs very important funds can be raised by reaching out to friends, well-wishers and donors; for larger NGOs it is an opportunity to invite everyone you know to join in a great ‘fun’ event; and also to raise useful funds. For all NGOs it provides a platform to communicate the cause you passionately believe in.

Who can attend and are there costs?  Any registered NGO/ Non-Profit/ Society/ Trust/ Section 25 Company can attend. There are no charges to attend. We encourage all NGOs to send only two representatives.

The NGO Meetings on 17 July will be held at:

India International Centre - IIC
Annexe Building, Lecture Room II
40 Max Mueller Marg
Lodhi Road
New Delhi   110 003

Closing date for information on attendance: This is on first come first served basis. So, please fill the registration form at indicating your readiness to participate in one or other of the 17 July ADHM-NGO Meet. The GuideStar India team will then send you a confirmation mail and keep you directly informed of details about the meeting. You need to show a copy of the confirmation mail to attend the meeting.
If you are not able to attend the meeting but are interested in participating in the ADHM please still email India Cares Foundation at:
For details/ clarifications about ADHMDo mail to:  or phone Meena: +91-97400-83121 or Cedric: +91-80954-96750

If you know of other NGOs who could benefit from this opportunity, please forward this mail and encourage them to attend.

Sign up for the meeting immediately at:

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