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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

FCRA wing announces last chance for 18523 NGOs to avoid cancellation of FCRA

Ministry of Home Affairs has recently issued a number of circulars regarding pending FC-4 returns as per their records and a lot chance to upload the same without a penalty to avoid cancellation of FCRA registration/ renewal.
Please check your FCRA status (even if you got a renewal) and upload pending FC4 returns (if any) on the MHA site  by June 14 to avoid cancellation.

Follow these 4 simple steps to Do-It-Yourself: 

1. Check if your name appears in the list of 18,523 organisations (even if you got your renewal).

Open the link:, press Ctrl+F and enter your FCRA registration number
2. If your org name appears, check for which year(s) your FC annual returns are pending

4. If it shows a “No” for any year, even if you believe you have submitted earlier, please upload your FC4 return for those years. You are required to file returns even if you did not receive any foreign contributions in a particular year. Login and upload your pending FC4 returns at, as per instructions in the FCRA user guide

Remember last date is June 14, 2017 to avoid cancellation of FCRA registration/ renewal.

Feel free to share this with other NGOs in your network.

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