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Monday, January 5, 2015

Learn how to use certification tools to increase your fundraising capability at our workshop

Register for our free workshop in Mumbai to choose the right certification for your organisation.

About the workshop
You know what your organisation is great at doing and the impact you create, you know what your organisation needs to do to achieve its mission and the support it requires. Yet, often you find that it is difficult to get your story across to people not familiar with your work. You send grant proposals to a number of people and institutions and wonder why only few respond. There is a vast and growing class of givers: online donors, corporate CSR, emerging foundations of high net worth individuals and several philanthropic intermediaries running giving portals. These emerging donors prefer to support organisations that are pre-certified or accredited by external organisations of repute.

Several NGOs have started under going due diligence or certification by multiple agencies. We estimate that on an average such NGOs spend Rs2 lacs to Rs2.5 lacs per annum in due diligence. It has been our endeavour to identify common financial and legal due diligence requirements and put in place standard certification levels that can be used by others. We would make your documents accessible through your profile on and, users could request us for NGO due diligence reports at a nominal cost. This would save time and cost for all actors: NGOs, donors and certification agencies.

Our workshop will tell you more about:
      Need for NGO certification: Global & India perspectives
      Certification Tools
      What is the ideal certification for your NGO
      Certification Process for GuideStar India Gold & Platimum
      How to use your certification for fundraising & CSR

Pre-workshop reading material:
We recommend that you download and go through our Certification Brochure and Annual Report Disclosure template before you come for the workshop.

Benefits of attending the workshop

Attending this workshop will help you
      Understand what donors check about an organisation
      Organise and present information consistently
      Make your fundraising proposals credible and trust worthy
      Save time in responding to donors and in filing statutory returns
      Make your annual reports and websites powerful tools to mobilise resources
      Enhance your applications for various awards
      Fast track your sign up process for various portals and events
      Avail of discounts and scholarships to prestigious programmes such as SPJIMR’s PGP-DM (Post Graduate Program in Development Management)

Who should attend
Chief Functionaries, Finance Heads, Fundraising & Communications Managers. We recommend that you nominate one person who can understand the process and help your organisation choose what you need and work with us after the workshop to complete your certification.

About the Speakers

Pushpa Aman Singh: As the Founder, CEO of GuideStar India (2009), Pushpa set up GuideStar India to systematically organise information of India’s vast and complex voluntary sector in a globally trusted and user-friendly fashion. She draws on her vast experience in the financial services industry to make the portal easy for NGOs to self-report and add great value for users through verification and due-diligence.  Pushpa’s approach to NGOs and the philanthropic community is influenced by her long association with GiveIndia. She loves to create reporting tools and frameworks that capture verifiable facts and inspiring stories. She has been successful in establishing linkages across networks and sectors to build the philanthropy eco-system in India.

Pushpa has conducted numerous workshops for NGOs and corporates, and, is a popular speaker about the Indian NGO Sector. Pushpa is a member of the Learning Series Committee of the Credibility Alliance and is on the Partnership Advisory Group of TechSoup Global. She is also a member of CII’s Industry-Civil Society Interface Committee and the Pro-bono Task Force of India@75.

Doug Jacquier: Vice-President, Asia-Pacific at TechSoup Global (TSG), an NGO dedicated to building technology capacity within NGOs globally. Doug led TSG’s technology donation partner for Australia and New Zealand, Connecting Up Inc. (CU), from 2000 -2012. He instigated the development of Australia’s annual national Connecting Up conference series on ICT issues for nonprofits in 2004. In 2008 Doug won the Innovator of the Year Award in the Equity Trustees Australian Nonprofit CEO of the Year Awards. In 2011 CU became a foundation partner in TechSoup Asia, along with Hong Kong Council of Social Service and TSG, with the support of funding from Microsoft.  Doug also led the process of establishing Australia's first national Directory of Nonprofits and Charities in 2011. He has been a keynote speaker at conferences in the US, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and has travelled to many countries in the APAC region.

Doug is a Fellow and former national Board Member of the Australian Society of Association Executives and has professional qualifications in social work, management and business planning.

Details of the Workshop:
Day & Date: Thursday 8th January, 2015
Time:  The registrations will start at 9.30 am and the workshop will end at 1.30 pm.
Food and refreshments: Mid morning tea and refreshments will be served
Venue: - Thomson Reuters Foundation, 3rd Floor, 5 Walchand Hirachand Marg, Construction House, Ballard Estate (V.T.), Mumbai

Registration Procedure
To register for the FREE workshop, please fill the short online form at:           

There is no registration fee, however, if you wish to support our capacity building efforts, please send us a donation cheque favouring Civil Society Information Services India and we will be happy to acknowledge your support and provide an 80G receipt.
There are limited seats, hence apply soon for confirmation on first-come-first-served basis.

Confirmation Message:
You will receive a confirmation mail from GuideStar India within 2 working days. If you do not hear from us, please send a mail to 

About the Organizations

GuideStar India is a globally trusted, fully searchable portal of reliable and comparable information of over 5000 NGOs. Its powerful search engine allows individuals, corporate, government and other institutions to access repository of NGO information within minutes. As outreach and due diligence partners for several institutions and corporates, GuideStar India connects NGOs to several opportunities for fundraising, capacity building, recognition, volunteering and donations. GuideStar India educates and equips NGOs to embrace best practices in transparency and public accountability for greater social impact.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation
The Thomson Reuters Foundation uses the skills, value, and expertise of Thomson Reuters to trigger change and empower people across the world.  The Foundation stands for free, independent journalism, human rights, women’s empowerment, and the rule of law.  TrustLaw is a global pro bono service connecting NGOs and social enterprises with the best law firms around the world.  With staff in six countries and fluency in 18 languages, the program connects the world’s best lawyers with high-impact social enterprises and extraordinary NGOs.  TrustLaw is committed to spreading the practice of pro bono to every country.

For details/clarifications:  Please write an email to  You may also call and speak with us at 022 26856900/98/99.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Help us to serve NGOs in your network

Join our Friends of Friends Campaign.
Refer at least 5 NGOs and become a supporter of promoting NGO transparency in India!

When we started our journey of organising information on NGOs in India in 2009, there were only about 500 NGOs that figured on the list of most foundations and donors. It has taken us close to 5 years to take that number to nearly 5000! We now have a robust platform in that can easily cater to the needs of thousands of NGOs.

In spite of studies quoting the NGO population of India to be anywhere between 20 lacs to 33 lacs, basic information required to make a donation is available on the internet for just about 5,000 NGOs. We still find numerous cases of individuals and institutions unable to find NGOs working for their favourite cause, in locations of their choice. We have over 70,000 NGOs on our raw database but not all of them have their IT PAN, and many of them are perhaps not so confident of putting their information in the public domain. Should we deny millions of people served by NGOs, the opportunity to get connected with givers simply because the NGOs working for them are not searchable on the internet? Should we wait for another 5 years for these NGOs to gain confidence to share their details on the internet?

What can we collectively do to expand the pool of NGOs in the philanthropy  marketplace to 25,000? If you care strongly about increasing the impact of the NGO sector, do join us in our Friends of Friends Campaign to reach out to 25,000 NGOs of India by word of mouth. Use your power to influence your NGO friends to be confident about demonstrating their transparency online and start getting connected with opportunities for capacity building, recognition and resources.

We have embarked on an ambitious journey to expand the number of verified NGOs featured on our portal to about 25,000 NGOs, so that:
-       donors do not refrain from giving, because they are unable to find reliable NGO partners serving their favourite cause in locations of their choice;
-       every philanthropic resource flows to organisations that are most transparent, effective and efficient;
-       resources reach millions of needy living in difficult to reach parts of India, through NGOs serving remote areas, and for worthy causes that are not popularly known.

Expanding the reach of the online philanthropy eco-system to 25,000+ NGOs is possible only with your support and your reference. If each of you refer 5 or 50 NGOs from your network, and encourage them to join with confidence, this goal can be collectively achieved quite easily!

How we can do this
1.     Please arrange to email a list of NGOs along with name of contact person, email id and contact numbers. The list can be in any format! The list can be as small as 5 NGOs or could run into several hundred NGOs.
2.     We will send an invitation mailer to NGOs on the list you provide, stating that the organisation was referred by you. In case multiple NGOs refer an organisation, we will mention names of all those who referred.
3.     You may thereafter encourage/ help the NGOs you refer to us, to complete their registration. You may also like to send them a mail sharing your experience, you may want to speak with them over phone, you may want to invite them for a cup of tea and talk about transparency or include a small session in your training programmes/ meetings/ AGM.

What we will do for you
As a token of our gratitude, we will recognise your support in the following ways:
Those who refer 50 or more NGOs and at least 50 of them complete their GuideStar India registration:
1.     We will feature your name among the list of GuideStar India Champion Supporters for NGO Transparency on our website for one year.
2.     We will send you a certificate recognizing your support as a GuideStar India Champion Supporter promoting the cause of transparency and public accountability.
3.     We will share with you a standardized data template we have developed in MS Excel for maintaining your NGO contacts along with a help guide.
4.     We will invite you to be a network partner for workshops and campaigns we do in your area.

Those who refer 5 or more NGOs and at least 5 or more NGOs complete their GuideStar India registration:

1.     We will feature your name among the list of GuideStar India  Supporters for NGO Transparency on our website for one year.
2.     We will send you a certificate recognizing your support as a GuideStar India Supporter promoting the cause of transparency and public accountability.

What is the last date

We will include all NGOs referred by you and who complete their GuideStar India registration by October 31, 2014 in this Friends of Friends Campaign. Please send immediately your list of NGOs to

Thank you in advance for your support!