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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last 10 days left to apply for two awards: the India NGO Awards 2013-14 & the AmeriCares Spirit of Humanity Awards 2013-14

It has never been so good before- two awards to recognise and celebrate great work, one for development in general and the other for health care in particular, both open at the same time and would be closing on 15th Feb, 2014. We encourage you to apply for both awards if you meet the qualifying criteria. We promote awards because they shine light on great work, provide support to deserving organisations, enhance credibility, generate awareness for the cause and the organisations. Awards also help you interact with experts and network with peers.

GuideStar India, India’s leading provider of NGO information with more than 4300 NGOs on its portal, including your organisation, is pleased to remind you to apply for the following Awards:

a)    Apply for India NGO Awards 2013-14. 
b)  Apply for AmeriCares India’s Spirit of Humanity Awards.

We have further simplified the application process for both awards.

If you are into social development serving any cause, apply for India NGO Awards
If you are into Healthcare, apply for
AmeriCares India’s Spirit of Humanity Awards


·    The three national winners will receive a trophy and cash prize of Rs 4,00,000 to be used to strengthen their internal systems and processes
·    The Rising Star winner will receive a trophy and cash prize of INR 2,50,000/- to be used to strengthen their internal systems and processes
·    All finalists will be profiled in a casebook, which is disseminated at the grand Awards ceremony and through the Resource Alliance website
·      Finalists will be offered 5 days of one-to-one mentoring to strengthen their internal systems and processes


The Awards aim to advance the country’s non-profit sector by promoting financial and organisational sustainability and strengthening community support of civil society.

Who can apply/ participate:

  •  All organisations registered in India as Trusts, Societies and Section 25 companies that have been working for a minimum of three years on social and environmental transformation are eligible.
  • Organisations that propagate political or religious doctrines are excluded from participation.
  • National Award Winners from the last two years are not eligible to apply. However, previous finalists are eligible to apply

Steps to nominate your organisation for India NGO Awards 2013-14:

To fill the online application form for the award, please click this link

      After submitting the online form, send documents as mentioned in the online form  by email to  OR courier documents on a CD the following directly to the Resource Alliance clearly stating organisation name and GSN/ ITPAN

      Download the Declaration in hard copy and send by post/ courier to:
India NGO Awards Team 
The Resource Alliance 
B-4/106, (Basement), Safdarjung Enclave, 
New Delhi 110 029 Tel: 011-4135 4766.

Last date:15th Feb, 2014

·     Award Prize amount
·     Organization : Rs. 1 lakh
·     Individual / PSG :- Rs. 50,000
·     Certificate of Excellence
·     Trophy
·     Your application will be reviewed by experts and nominees will get to present to an eminent jury and get their feedback and advice.
·     Representatives from NGOs nominated for the award will spend a whole day with AmeriCares India Foundation.
·     Get to interact with peers  and experts.
·     Travel Expense for two ( 3 tier AC).
·     Stay Expense (Modest).
·     Logistics (in city travel expense).
·      In-house & media coverage.
·      Opportunity to meet CSR heads to share your work
·      Opportunity to expand your  work in your area
·      Learning opportunity to prepare for other awards and challenges.

The objective of the awards is to provide a platform and recognise unprecedented and exemplary work in the field through rigorous search, nomination and selection of people or organizations by using a transparent process, an independent jury and third party oversight.

Who can apply/ participate:

A)  Organizations (NGO's)- Organization should be registered and operational for a minimum of three financial years.
B) Patient Support Groups (PSGs)- PSG should be a formal group working for a minimum of two years.
C) Individuals- Individuals should be working in the desired/ assigned field of excellence for at least five years.

Steps to nominate your organisation for Spirit of Humanity Awards 2013-14:

 Please download the Word Form from
      Send the complete Form and Power point presentation in a CD with the required documents as mentioned in the form to:
Aiswarya Vijayadharan, AmeriCares Foundation, Seagull House, 1st floor, P.No. 6, Shivaj Colony, Chakala, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400099.
             Tel No: 022 65568098, 
                           022 23894452

Last date:15th Feb, 2014

If you have any questions, please contact Vineeta Chechani of GuideStar India on 022-26856900/ 98/ 99 and email

You will be surprised that if you dedicate some time to apply for these awards, you could be getting ready with your planning for the next financial year! The application for one award will help you fill most parts for the other. This could be an exercise in reflecting upon your work and getting re-energised with passion for your cause this Valentine’s day!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

NGO Annual Reports - tips for making it a powerful tool for NGOs and donors!

Do Indian NGOs need to make Annual Reports?
Trusts and Societies are not required by law to produce Annual Reports. Section 25 Companies are required to publish Annual Reports. However, organizations that desire to practise norms of transparency and accountability should make their Annual Report for the corresponding financial year within eight months of the end of the financial year. The Annual report should be widely disseminated to stake holders and be available in the public domain. 

What should be included in an Annual Report? Are there any standard formats available?
The Annual Report should clearly describe what the organization is trying to accomplish (vision), what are its strategies for making it happen (mission), what are the organization's capabilities for achieving its mission, state its objectives and how it measures its progress, what the organization accomplished during the year and so far, and most importantly what it did not accomplish and why. It is essential that the organization also provide summarized financial statements for the year (Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Statement and Receipts & Payments Account). It is advised to present a summary even if the organization is attaching the entire audited accounts.The organization should also provide its key registration details, contact details, as well as information about is bankers and auditors. The Credibility Alliance has provided norms for disclosures in the Annual Report. Organisations should include all such information as well.

GuideStar India has created a template for Transparency & Accountability Disclosures. It is a 2 page format in MS Excel that can be freely downloaded and filled. This template covers all the essential information that should be contained in the Annual Report. It also makes your information comparable and donor friendly. 

The template can be downloaded from:
How could we use the Annual Report as a tool of transparency and accountability?
If you provide all the information and disclosures as stated above, your Annual Report could become a powerful tool for establishing your credibility and support your fundraising efforts. While the number of copies your produce and the quality of paper you use would be decided by your budget, you can use your electronic version for wide dissemination. Make sure that your file size is optimized for emails and downloads. Ideally keep it to less than 2MB. You could provide options to the user to download a rich version and light version. Upload the Annual Report on your website, include a link in your email signature, upload it on your public profile on  www.guidestarindia.orgthe NGO information repository accessed by more than 20,000 visitors every month.

You could also get your Annual Report certified by GuideStar India and apply for a Transparency Badge or Seal of Public Accountability at a nominal cost (Annual Report disclosures is one of several other criteria to qualify).

For more questions, write to

GuideStar India is India’s leading provider of NGO information. Its portal is India's largest, fully searchable database of reliable and comparable information on over 4000 NGOs. Its powerful search allows users to find and connect with verified NGOs within minutes. 

With a systematically organized repository of NGO information and a range of NGO outreach & due diligence solutions, GuideStar India enables individuals, corporate, government and other institutions to effectively access, engage with and support NGOs. GuideStar India pursues and promotes real time data-sharing and interoperability of portals featuring NGO information. Corporates, Philanthropists and other institutions use GuideStar India for NGO Datasets, NGOSearch & Match, NGO Outreach, NGO Due Diligence and NGO Partnerships

GuideStar India educates and equips NGOs to embrace best practices on transparency and public accountability for greater social impact. GuideStar India awards its Transparency Badge and Seal of Public Accountability to NGOs that meet the highest standards of transparency and public disclosure.

Registration on GuideStar India is free for NGOs. Visit: