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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jay, tenth grader from Chicago volunteers with GuideStar India

We are delighted to have Jay Jani, a tenth grade student from Chicago volunteering with us for 3 weeks. This is what Jay has to say: "I came all this way to India from Chicago to help out this NGO GuideStar India. This gives me community service hours and it also gives me a good feeling inside that I am helping the community. GuideStar India has encouraged me to do community services because it is a program that helps many people internationally. The future of the world is going to depend on international communication, thus, this program enables the practice and understanding of helping others before oneself. I feel it is important to do GuideStar India because it helps India move forward into mindsets of people in giving a helping hand. My goals here are bring back this information that I have learned to my school and community. This will help GuideStar India reach many parts of the world. I have done plenty of community service before. I decided to do this because it will help me in the field of business that I wish to embark into. Traveling and having an exposure of working in GuideStar India will help me in my life in plenty of these ways."
Thank you, Jay. We are sure the work you do with us will help us to showcase the work of many NGOs.


  1. We are proud of you. It is an honor for all the Indian American community here. Keep up the good work. Make a difference!!!!!!!

  2. Wow! You are giving a lot of encouragment to the younger generation here in the US. You have started this wave and we would like to see it growing year by year. You have the potential to be the driving force of this great team here in the US. Keep it up!!!