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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Read what GuideStars around the world are doing

GuideStar International's latest newsletter has updates from GuideStar India, Korea, US and UK. Click here to view the newsletter. A quick look at the contents:

  • GuideStar India
    - GuideStar India's CEO gives presentation at Taiwan's International Conference on NPO Accountability
    - The British Asian Trust to support all its partners to register with GuideStar India - GuideStar India hosts ConnectIT Workshops
  • GuideStar Korea
    - GuideStar Korea speaks about GuideStar (US) on Korean TV Programme
  • GuideStar (US)
    - Majority of Charities Report Increased Demand for Services yet Receive Less Contributions
  • GuideStar UK
    - A Balancing Act: Regulation and Reporting for Small Organisations • GuideStar International News - GuideStar Google Map - Caroline Neligan presents GuideStar to Colombian Civil Society
  • GuideStar International's Blog Update!
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