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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Donor for School Infrastructure in Ahmedabad/ North Gujarat invites proposals

GuideStar India is happy to connect NGOs working in Gujarat with a donor organisation that uses to identify suitable partners.

A donor organisation which takes up social projects, especially in the area of Education, is currently in search of NGOs who are running and operating Schools for underprivileged children.  They are willing to build critical civil infrastructure for Schools with own premises/ land in Gujarat (Ahmedabad and North Gujarat) like Classroom, Toilets, Classroom furniture, Filtered Drinking Water System, Deep Tube-wells for Sanitation, Lights & Fans, Science laboratories, Library rooms, Computer rooms and so on.

They do not make monetary grants but carry out the actual construction based on the NGO’s requirements. 

If your organisation runs a school for poor children in your own premises/ land (in Ahmedabad/ North Gujarat) and are looking to create/ upgrade/ expand your infrastructure facilities, please fill their form and send it directly to the donor to

If your organisation eventually gets support from this donor, please share your story with us so that we can cover it in our newsletter.

If your NGO is already featured on GuideStar India, do update your content on GuideStar India when you send your application to the donor as they would be viewing your information on  for short listing proposals.

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