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Monday, June 6, 2011

How to apply for The Times of India Social Impact Awards

As an implementation   partner for The Times of India Social Impact Awards, GuideStar India encourages you to apply for these awards. Please read the invitation  below and the FAQs section before you apply.
  • To apply, you can log in via Twitter, Facebook, itimes, indiatimes or TOI IDs. If you do not have an account on these, please click “More Login Options” and select 'Connect with Times of India' and join as a new member
  • If you have any queries, please write to:
  • Last date for applications: 7th July, 2011. We advise you to apply at the earliest
  • Log in to and send in your applications 

There has been undoubted progress post India’s independence but it is overshadowed today by the persistence of poverty, ignorance and disease among a vast number of our fellow citizens. While most people will agree with this, they despair at the vastness of the problems. Some close their eyes and strive only for personal advance. Others hope that state policies will somehow change the prevailing order. Fortunately for India, there are wonderful and amazing people and organizations who have been battling enormous odds and making great personal sacrifices so that the lives of disadvantaged people are changed for the better. To acknowledge and honor these unsung heroes of IndiaThe Times of India has decided to institute ‘The Times of India Social Impact Awards’. This paper, which has over the past few years launched such initiatives as Teach IndiaLead India and Aman ki Asha, believes it has a responsibility towards this nation, and its people, that goes beyond merely reporting the news of the day.

The TOI Awards will help focus greater attention on five critical spheres: education, healthcare, livelihood, environment and advocacy/empowerment. As we want to credit outstanding contributions from different sections of society, there will be three awards in each of the five spheres – a non-governmental organization (NGO); a corporate-backed organization; and a government body at the state or district level. There will also be a Lifetime Achievement Award and a Global Impact Award. Widespread and tangible impact, which has the quality of changing lives forever, is the key criterion for these awards. The applications for each award will be vetted by an esteemed panel of jury members and domain experts. 

We encourage organizations like you to send in your application for the awards by logging on to Your support and participation will serve as an inspiration to the millions who wish to make a real difference.

The awards will culminate in a final award ceremony which is scheduled for Sunday, October 2nd 2011.

Best Regards,
Team Social Impact Awards

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