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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are you late for India's biggest online fundraising opportunity? NO

India Giving Challenge 2011: the prizes just got bigger. Register for almost a month of exciting online fundraising!

India Giving Challenge 2011 (IGC 2011) started on Sep 6 and within 2 weeks, NGOs raised more than Rs. 30 lakhs! 42 NGOs registered specifically for IGC 2011 and an equal number are at various stages, hurrying up to complete the registration process.

Though IGC 2011 is in its 4th week, there is still plenty of time to fundraise and win prizes. The contest is open till Oct 20, 2011!

What is India Giving Challenge

India Giving Challenge (IGC) is an online event held by GiveIndia as a part of the Joy of Giving Week 2011, when India celebrates its culture of giving. This event is to encourage NGOs and companies to raise funds online and get rewarded for their efforts in turn.

This is the perfect opportunity to go out and ASK people to donate to your organisation. It does not matter who they are. It does not matter if they have supported your organisation in the past or not. It does not matter if they have ever donated in the past or not.

The basic idea behind the India Giving Challenge is to build a community approach to fundraising. The event encourages you to reach out to all your networks for donations, and get rewarded with additional funds, for the donations that you receive (if you qualify). So please use this opportunity to reach out to
- donors - both old and new

- Board Members’ networks
- Employees' networks
- Your personal networks - spouse, in-laws, spouse’s friends, 1st cousins, 2nd cousins and neighbours.

Please remember that there are daily prizes to the tune of Rs. 50,000 to be won EVERYDAY. There are well-wisher prizes to be won during the Joy of Giving Week (Oct 2-8) only. A well-wisher of GiveIndia, who has been following the challenge closely for the past 3 years, has decided that he too wants to be a part of the event. He has been impressed by the efforts of participating NGOs over the years and so to motivate NGOs to reach out all the more, has decided to sponsor the following set of prizes:
Matching prizes to the top 50 NGOs that raise the most money during Joy of Giving Week (i.e. Sun, Oct 2nd- Sat, Oct 8th) as follows:

NGO Position
Matching Grant Limit (Rs.)
Minimum Funds to be Raised to Qualify (Rs.)
35,000 each
30,000 each
25,000 each
15,000 each
10,000 each

This gives 50 NGOs a chance to win a prize from Oct 2-8! And these are in addition to the already announced Rs. 75 lacs ( ). And all of this will count towards your overall prizes!

So, put this opportunity right on the top of your “to-do” list and apply today!

Depending on how ready your documents are, you may take 2 to 5 days to complete your registration. The sooner you register, the bigger your chance of raising donations and matching funds. [You can see below, the list of top 10 NGOs as of now and feedback from an organisation that participated in IGC).
To apply, visit: and read the eligibility criteria, process and fill the simple form today.

If you are already raising funds through GiveIndia, you need not register specifically for IGC. You may simply write to for details about creating your iGive (fundraising) page.
What is GuideStar India's role

As the NGO Outreach & Registration Partner for the India Giving Challenge 2011, GuideStar India creates awareness about IGC among NGOs and helps NGOs complete the necessary process required to get registered with GiveIndia, specifically for IGC 2011. We carry out due diligence of NGOs as per criteria set by GiveIndia.

All NGOs featured on GuideStar India need to upload only additional documents and complete the processes unique to IGC 2011. NGOs that apply for IGC 2011 get automatically featured on GuideStar India, on submission of the basic information required for GuideStar India registration.
If you have any questions, please call us on 022-26856900/ 99.

Register and enjoy the online fundraising experience of IGC 2011!