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Monday, September 24, 2012

NGOs: Reward your team with an online Mini MBA program during this Joy of Giving Week

Upgrade your team’s skills! Gift them’s FREE Mini MBA (FTGMP) Program during the Joy of Giving Week...

You can enroll any number of participants from your NGO on a first come first served basis. No age limit and no minimum prior qualification.

Several activities in the voluntary sector are getting increasingly complex as organisations try to raise resources from individuals, attempt to use technology to drive performance and stay connected with varied stakeholder groups.  While some NGOs have started hiring MBAs for various functions, most would prefer to train and upgrade skills of existing staff. Isn’t it tough to get funds for training and capacity building? How about a free program?

GuideStar India is delighted to share with you, the gift of an online Mini MBA program from!
The Mini MBA (FTGMP) – Leading to Fast Track General Management Program (FTGMP)

To achieve significant organisational impact, individuals must see beyond their own functional areas and understand how the organisation operates as a whole. This interactive online FTGM program would expose participants to the key management levers that drive the success of an organisation. has offered its premier online Mini MBA Program (FTGMP), entirely FREE of cost to NGOs registered with GuideStar India, to celebrate the Joy of Giving Week.
myBskool, an online management education wing of ThinkBig Edu, has close to 4000 students in the pipeline to be trained on latest management tools, concepts, and techniques. myBskool’s learning content and social learning platform is used by leading management institutes such as IIM-Ranchi, Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), IMT-Ghaziabad, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Smart MBA Online and more.

What is the special offer for NGOs
a.     The advanced Diploma in management is free for NGOs that enroll between September 15 & October 14, 2012.
Otherwise the cost of this programme is Rs 7999 per person.
b.    This is a 180 days (6-months) course to be taken online at your convenience.
c.     There is no age limit. Anyone with a desire and commitment to learn can join.

Only those who complete the Mini MBA Program (FTGMP) will be eligible for a professional Diploma in Management from

Subjects Covered:
Economics for Managers
Principles of Marketing
Statistical Tools for Decision Making
Managing Finance
Fundamentals of Accounting
Business Strategy
Managing Human Resource
Project Management
Who should enroll
The Mini MBA Program (FTGMP) from is designed for people in both large and small organizations who wish to improve their general management skills, gain comprehensive understanding of core management strategies and techniques, enhance leadership skills, and fast-track their career potential.

The programme is perfect for managers and aspiring managers who have only had exposure to one functional area and plan to move into General Management and team/project responsibilities. The programme also represents a low-risk overview for those considering an MBA, but want a “test drive” before making the full cost and time commitment.

The programme is delivered in English. It contains rich video sessions conducted by eminent faculty.  There is no age limit and no minimum prior qualification.

How to enroll for the programme
Each participant needs to fill an online registration form between September 15 and October 14, 2012. The registration is on first come first served basis. Each NGO can nominate as many participants as you like. Every participant has to complete registration before October 14, 2002. 

Only those who complete the Mini MBA program (FTGMP) will be eligible for a professional Diploma in Management from

How will you know the status of your registration for the programme
You will receive an email from confirming your registration for the programme and with your login details. This mail should reach you within 24 hours of your registration.

Feel free to share this message with other NGOs in your network. 


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