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Monday, May 26, 2014

Join the 2014 Summit on Social Media & Online Giving in Delhi using your GuideStar India discount code

GuideStar India is pleased to invite you to the 2-day Summit on Social Media & Online Giving presented by GlobalGiving and Social Media for Nonprofits on July 1 & 2, 2014 in Delhi. If you are already into online fundraising, you will learn more about using the online medium effectively, and if you are yet to make a beginning, the summit is the right place to get started!

About GlobalGiving: GlobalGiving is a unique online fundraising platform
that connects non-profit organizations with a vast network of individual donors
and corporate partners, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, and more.
GlobalGiving works closely with their partners to offer online fundraising
tools and campaigns, training opportunities, and one-on-one strategic support. Read
more at     

Outside the
United States, GlobalGiving has more partners in India than any other country
in the world. More than 120 Indian organizations are actively fundraising on
the website and more and more organizations are joining GlobalGiving every

About Social Media for
Social Media for Nonprofits is a nonprofit committed to
providing nonprofits quality and accessible education on leveraging the power
of social media for social good. They are the only series in the world dedicated
to Social Media for Social Change. They provide capacity building training to
nonprofits in this area with programs focused on fundraising, awareness, and

About the programme: This 2-day event from GlobalGiving is designed to equip
organizations with knowledge, skills and resources to engage supporters and
raise funds online. This event is produced in partnership with Social
Media for Nonprofits, the premiere global event series on social media for
social good.

What are the benefits for the participant/ your organization:
The 2014 Summit
on Social Media & Online Giving will bring together fundraising
practitioners from India and South Asia to learn how other organizations are
online tools and social media like email, Facebook,
and GlobalGiving to 
tackle their funding needs and collaborate to
find ways to 
further their causes online.

 panel discussions and hands-on workshops, you will
-  The latest trends in online giving;

-  The future of corporate social responsibility in

-  Best practices in storytelling, donor engagement, campaign planning;

-  Valuable techniques for online measurement and analysis;

-  and much more! 

Read more about the summit at

Who can apply: This two-day event will
bring together social media & fundraising practitioners from India and
South Asia. Those handling marketing, fundraising and communications would find
the summit greatly useful. We encourage heads of organisations also to join.
Organisations with FCRA are encouraged to apply as you could better leverage
the global online giving community.

How to Apply and
Programme Fee Details :
 The Registration fee is Rs.4500 but for GuideStar India registered NGOs
there is a waiver of 10 %  on the
registration fees.  Organisations registered with GuideStar India, need to pay only Rs 4050 by using their discount code [you would have received an email with your discount code. If you need it, please write a mail to with your organization name and GuideStar Number (GSN)]. NGOs not yet registered with GuideStar India, can immediately get registered with us at and send a request to for the discount code.

You need to
click this link, enter the number of persons and type the discount
code obtained from GuideStar India and click on apply discount and further fill the
registration form and make the payment online using your debit or credit card.
This will ensure quick registration and confirmation. If you have any
difficulty in registering online, please write an email to with a copy to

Date and Duration of the
programme –
On 1st and 2nd
July from 9am to 5pm each day 
Where the programme will be conducted –
Habitat World, at IHC,
Lodhi Road
New Delhi-110003
(Entry from gate number 3 on Vardhman Marg)

How you will know about the status of
your application:
will receive an email immediately from system after registration payment is
received online

Closing date for application: This is on first come
first served basis. So please register at the earliest.

For details/clarifications:  Please write an email
to Alexis Nadin at and copy  You may also
call and speak with Lathika/ Geeta at 022 26856900/98/99.

If you know other NGOs who could benefit from this
opportunity, please forward this mail and encourage them to apply

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Affordable high quality computers for NGOs to meet office and training needs

Special offer for NGOs who practice transparency by displaying information on GuideStar India! Refurbished computers starting at Rs4500 from ReNew IT!

ReNew IT is an initiative of Sriram Eco Raksha Computer Services Pvt Ltd, founded in 2009 by an alumnus of IIM Calcutta. The primary goal of their company is to increase the number of high-quality, low-cost PCs and related parts and accessories available to students, NGOs, small businesses and other users. The organisation mainly sources computers from large companies, refurbishes them (ensures that all parts are in working condition, any old data is removed, the computers are rigorously tested) and remarkets them. They have sold over 10,000 computers over the last 5 years to people from all walks of life – NGOs, students, radio jockeys, offices, doctors, auto drivers, rickshaw pullers etc.

What is ReNewIT providing to NGOs:

ReNew IT is offering refurbished and ready to use fully functional computers to NGOs at reduced prices starting from Rs 4,500. Computers will be delivered to your address (at a nominal transportation charge). If you purchase within a month of receiving this mail, you would be eligible for a special one-time offer – ReNew IT will provide 1 computer free for every 20 computers bought by any NGO.

What are the benefits for your organisation:
  • You get low cost computers that are fully functional and ready to use.
  • These low cost computers would make it possible for you to get more computers for the same budget.
  •  ReNew IT also provides Microsoft licenses at roughly 10 percent of the cost prevailing in the market, which would minimize crashing of the computer. You may also purchase computers without software.
  • You get computers at your door-step. ReNew IT will package them to ensure that products reach you safely.
  • If you are in Bangalore, Mumbai or Hyderabad, you could also avail of their after sales support.
  • ReNew IT has a large supply of computers to meet needs of NGOs.
  • You can get computers for your office use as well as for schools and training programmes you run for the underprivileged.

Who can apply: NGOs who require computers for their office work or for training the underprivileged can apply by filling the ReNewIT form after which you will receive an email or call from RenewIT within 2 working days.  Please note that NGOs registered with GuideStar India can directly apply while others need to register with GuideStar India before filling ReNew IT’s form.

Cost: Desktops start from Rs4,500 onwards and laptops start from Rs7,000 onwards with various configurations (customized to your needs and budgets).

Duration of the programme: Limited offer of 1 free computer for every 20 computers bought by an NGO is available for 1 month from the date of this email.

Where will the computers be available: ReNew IT has a facility in Bangalore where all the computers are tested before being dispatched to your address anywhere in India. RenewIT can also provide after sales support in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Watch their video to see how ReNew IT refurbishes computers.

Some NGOs users of ReNew IT:
  • AMBA CEEIC – An NGO in Bangalore which trains the intellectually challenged to help them earn a livelihood of dignity. They use ReNew IT’s computers to train the mentally challenged to do data entry
  • ACT – An NGO in Bangalore educates and empowers underprivileged children from urban slums in Bangalore. ReNew IT also helped them get some English learning software.
  •  Isha Foundation – An NGO in Coimbatore which is transforming the lives of rural children by providing affordable, higher-education through their Isha Vidhya program, uses ReNew IT’s products.
  • OSCAR Foundation - An NGO in Mumbai teaches football to underprivileged children. Through football they teach young players the importance of education, help them complete their education, teach them life skills, etc. They have set up a computer lab for students.
  • Prajayatna – has set up training centres for teachers in Rural Karnataka. They use the computers to train the teachers of rural schools so that they can update themselves and teach the students better.
  •  Rotary Whitefield (Bangalore) – ReNew IT helped them set up computer labs in 5 government schools they have adopted.
  • Swades Foundation – A foundation working towards transformation of rural India has availed of ReNew IT’s products.

For details/clarifications: 
Please contact the ReNew IT team: write to or contact Raghav of ReNew IT at +919611109383. 

Please apply immediately to avail of the special offer for refurbished computers. Click here tofill the ReNew IT form.

GuideStar India makes no representations or warranties with regard to the products, services and offers of ReNew IT and Sriram Eco Raksha Computer Services Pvt Ltd. Please read the offer details, delivery and verify its suitability for your organisation before you apply.