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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Presenting India's most credible NGOs! Partner with confidence with GuideStar India certified organisations.

GuideStar India certifies NGOs based on their level of transparency & public accountability after a rigorous due diligence carried out by our team of certification experts. Due diligence is based on verifying financial and legal compliances through a thorough scrutiny of registration documents, tax returns, FCRA returns, audited financial statements & auditor's reports, public disclosures on our portal, reporting key facts to stakeholders as per our Annual Report disclosure template and confirmation of third party site visits and references. 

The unique aspect of our certification is that NGOs are required to voluntarily submit information and documents for due diligence by displaying the same on their profile on our portal. This ensures high levels of transparency via public disclosures and establishes credibility through public accountability. It also enriches the organisation's online profile and, makes available rich information about it to all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Until Jan 2015, we certified NGOs for our institutional users based on their specific requirements for due diligence. We launched our standardised NGO certification programme in  Jan 2015, to reduce duplication in the efforts of users and NGOs avoiding wastage of resources of all players. With our standardised certification programme, you could choose the level of certification required as per you need, shortlist NGOs that match your cause/ location, and if you wish to carry out additional vetting of the NGO's programme or there aspects, you collect our due diligence diagnostic report from us and request the NGO only for additional information.

Presenting our certified organisations who are pre-vetted and "ready-to-partner".

Please click on the numbers (in the table below) to view respective list.

Level Certification Valid till Dec 2017 Valid till Dec 2016 Valid till Dec 2015 Total
Champion Level GuideStar India Platinum 14 20 19 53
Advanced Level GuideStar India Gold 32 72 39 143
Intermediate Level GuideStar India Transparency Badge 16 91 16 123
Foundation Level GuideStar India Transparency Key 192 242 NA 434
425 74 753

You may refer to updated lists at

To obtain a copy of due diligence reports of specific organisations
at a nominal contribution (to recover costs), please send a mail to stating the purpose of your requirement 
and the names & GSN (GuideStar Number) of organisations. 

Use these quick links to know more about our certification programme.

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